It is one of those cold, damp depressing days, but in the Wagon Shop there is hot coffee and optimism as an exciting and cooperative project to install lights in the shop nears completion. Here’s the backstory. Blacksmithing classes taught by Rose Weiss have become increasingly popular and last fall working adults requested evening classes. The problem is, while there is one electrical outlet in the shop, the building was never wired for light fixtures.

A wonderful solution was developed by the students and Rose with financial support from a former board member who actually took Basic Blacksmithing with his adult son. An advanced student with engineering expertise developed a lighting plan that met City code requirements and preserved the historic timbers in the pre-Civil War building. THS volunteers obtained a discount from Lowes for the materials and our former Board member picked up the tab for the balance. Today, while rain pounds on the roof, the volunteers are installing the infrastructure that will be inspected by the City to ensure compliance and safety. Then, in early May the new evening class will begin.

This is a terrific example of what museums like the Village have become. They are places where people meet to socialize, learn, and work together. They are focused on crafting new and different opportunities for learning and sharing. They are bright and full of life, even on the grayest of days.

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