Support The Troy Historic Village

The Troy Historical Society, a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, was established in 1966 and has worked tirelessly over the years to preserve the important history of Troy.  The Society has been largely responsible for creating the Troy Historic Village in partnership with the City of Troy, raising funds to relocate and restore most of the remarkable buildings that are enjoyed by thousands of students and visitors each year.

In 2011 the Troy Historical Society accepted an even more significant responsibility by agreeing with the City of Troy to manage and staff the Troy Historic Village.  Due to the last recession, the City of Troy significantly cut its budget and was prepared to close the Village.  The Society took on the financial risk of keeping the Village open and to continue sharing Troy’s valuable heritage.

We continually balance the need to pay our staff and expenses, while keeping our fees reasonable so that as many people as possible can afford to experience the Village.  Revenues from program and admission fees are supplemented by limited financial support from the City of Troy, foundation grants, sponsorships, and personal donations.

The Troy Historic Village strengthens Troy’s sense of community and its identity by our efforts to preserve and share its past.  There are several potentially tax-advantaged ways that you can support the outstanding educational programs and important heritage work of the Troy Historic Village financially.  As always, if you are considering any type of gift other than cash, we suggest that you discuss it with your financial advisor(s).

1. The easiest way to financially support the Village is to donate cash.  You can make a donation by completing the information below.  You can also write a check payable to Troy Historical Society and drop it off at the Village or mail it to us by completing the enclosed donation form.  Checks and completed donation forms can be mailed to:  Troy Historic Village, Attention: Fund Development, 60 W. Wattles Road, Troy, MI, 48098.

2. Another easy way is to donate appreciated shares of publicly traded securitiesThe Village can thereby receive the full amount of the current market value of your shares without reduction by any capital gains tax.  Also, an income tax deduction up to the full amount of your gift may be available to you.  Your stockbroker can assist you making such a donation.

3. Naming “Troy Historical Society” as a beneficiary of your individual retirement account (IRA) is an ideal way to support the Troy Historic Village with tax savings potential.  A simple beneficiary form can be obtained from the broker, bank or other institution managing your brokerage account.  If you are over age 70-1/2, a direct gift to THS from your IRA may also be possible.

4. Have your insurance agent write a policy on your life naming Troy Historical Society as the owner and beneficiary, or transfer ownership of an existing policy to THS.

5. Include us in your Will or Trust: “I give and bequeath to Troy Historical Society, a Michigan non-profit corporation, the sum of: stipulated amount or share.”

6. Set up a charitable remainder trust (you get the income from the trust during your life and Troy Historical Society gets the principal at your death), or set up a charitable lead trust (which is the reverse – Troy Historical Society gets the income during your life and whomever you designate gets the principal at your death).

If you have questions or would like to discuss making a donation to the Troy Historical Society / Troy Historic Village, we would be delighted to have a conversation with you.  Feel free to contact our Community Development Director by calling 248-524-3571 or emailing at

Your personal donation to support the operations and the many wonderful programs of the Troy Historic Village is greatly appreciated.  And remember, your donation is fully tax-deductible.


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