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Summer Camp and Daycare Programs

To book a program for your summer camp or daycare, please call 248-524-3598 or email

Field Trip Options
Adult chaperones are admitted free with summer camp or daycare groups.

One Hour: $6/child – pick one program; 30 child max.
Two Hour: $7/child – pick two programs; 55 child max.
Three Hour:$8/child – pick three programs; 85 child max. Includes 20 minutes for lunchtime.
Four Hour:$9/child – pick four programs; 120 child max. Includes 20 minutes for lunchtime and 1 craft.
Spies, Lies, and Mysteries (2 – 2 ½ hours):$9/child; 45 child max.

Program Choices (All Ages):

Log Cabin Settler Skills
There’s a lot of work to be done in and around the cabin! Kids learn by doing as they try chores inside and outside a mid-19thcentury log cabin. Examples include water-carrying, weeding, rug-beating, butter-making, and carding wool. Suggested craft pairings: Wooden Top, Candles.

Games on the Green
Kids join in some historic summer playtime with our unique toys and equipment. Kids can try wooden hoops, graces, horseshoes, stilts, and more as well as group games like tag. Suggested craft pairings: Wooden Top, Buzz Saw Spinners, Ball & Cup.

Schoolhouse Fun and Games
A fun, summer variation on our typical One Room School program. Play games inside and outside Poppleton School and learn about history! Kids may participate in chalkboard games, recess, and a school-themed obstacle course using artifacts from the Village. They also will find out what happened to those who misbehaved in school in 1880.

Program Choices (Age 4-7):

Little Red Hen: Story and Snack
Young children are guided through this classic tale with role play and hands-on centers (plant the wheat, take wheat to the mill, knead the dough, etc.). Suggested craft pairings: Butter-Making

Program Choices (Age 7-13):

School and Old Time Recess
Spend a little time with the 3 R’s—readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic –and a 4th R – Recess! An immersive one-room school experience, complete with punishments typical of the time. Suggested craft pairing: Wooden Top, Buzz Saw Spinners, Ball & Cup.

Shopping Back in Time
Find out about needs and wants of the past, then do some “shopping” the old-fashioned way inside the General Store.

Parlor Games of the Past
Learn to play group games from the past. Try Ducks Fly, Upset the Fruit Basket, and other historical indoor/outdoor games.

Get hands-on with different types of historic communication. See an example of an actual telegraph key and learn how to send a message, seal a letter with wax, and see how phones have changed over time.

Village Scavenger Hunt
Clues and riddles are used to find history around the Village. Work in small groups to follow the clues.

Spies, Lies, and Mysteries
Kids will learn the skills of spies and detectives including fingerprinting, ciphers, and invisible ink, and use them to solve a mystery.

Add a craft or two to your program for extra fun!
For a small extra charge, you can add up to 3 crafts to any program choice. Note that each craft you select will add 20-30 minutes to your visit.

One Craft: add $1 per child
Two Crafts: add $1.50 per child
Three Crafts: add $2 per child

Craft Choices

  • Wooden Top
  • Butter-Making
  • Buzz Saw Spinners
  • Candles (age 7+)
  • Tin Punch (age 7+)
  • Ball & Cup (age 7+)