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Educator Resources

History Trunks
We can all agree that students best connect with history when it’s in their hands. Rentable
History Trunks will allow you to bring the “old stuff” into your classroom to enhance and enrich
your lessons. Trunks will be filled with artifacts, activities and supplemental goodies to help you
bring history to life for your students.

Rentals cost $50/ week. Trunks are disinfected between rentals. Rental period is Monday-
Thursday, with pick-up available the Friday before.


Check back later to see more great history trunks!

Our Community
The Our Community series of curriculum-based workbooks are designed as guides to help 1st and 2nd grade students learn about history and communities. Each book contains history, science, math, social studies and language arts, as well as kid-friendly language and activities students will enjoy. You will also find that each page addresses at least one current state curriculum standard, meaning they are teaching resources you can rely on.

Each installment includes both teacher/parent and student editions. Teacher/parent editions contain answers and additional information about each topic, so you are equipped to handle questions from inquisitive minds.


My Pioneer Family
Suggested for 1 st grade. My Pioneer Family takes readers back in time to the early 1800s for a glimpse of a pioneer child’s life. Covers how kids dressed, lived, played, ate, went to school and helped around the house. Teacher/parent book contains reading prompts, images, directions, and extra information, while the student book has corresponding activities, worksheets, coloring pages, etc. This installment is a set and must be purchased together. Additional student or teacher books are available.

My Oakland Community; My Macomb Community
Suggested for 2nd grade. My Oakland/Macomb Community familiarizes students with their community’s history, geography, wildlife and government. Specific topics include prehistory, why people settled in the county, how they got here, what life was like in the past, important people, how local government works, and how students can help in their community. Each section is accompanied by comprehension questions and activities to reinforce the reading.

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