A few exciting new ways to support the Village without spending cash.



Do you shop at Kroger, and do you have a Kroger Plus card?

If so, simply register your card at: Kroger Community Rewards

Once you have registered online follow these easy steps:

1. Click on Edit Kroger Community Rewards information and input your Kroger Plus card number.

2. Enter NPO number “66827” or name of organization “Troy Historic Village”, select organization from list and click on confirm.

To verify you are enrolled correctly, you will see your organization’s name on the right side of your information page.

Every time you make a purchase and use your Kroger Plus Card the Village will automatically earn cash.

What a great way to support your Village! It only takes a minute!

Thrivent Choice Logo


The Troy Historic Village accepts Thrivent Choice Dollars.

By directing Choice Dollars(R) through Thrivent Choice, eligible members recommend where Thrivent Financial distributes some of its charitable outreach grant dollars among thousands of participating nonprofit organizations and congregations. (Directing Choice Dollars and receiving funds from the Thrivent Choice program are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Thrivent Choice program.)

If you have any questions about this deposit or Thrivent Choice in general, or if you have updated bank, email or other contact information, please call 1-800-847-4836 and when prompted, say, “Thrivent Choice” or email us at mail@thrivent.com.

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