About the Troy Historical Society
The Troy Historical Society, established as a 501.c.3 nonprofit corporation in 1966, manages the Troy Historic Village for the City of Troy. The Village includes 10 fully restored historic buildings from Troy and the region and extensive artifact and archival collections. It is a dynamic cultural center where the Troy Historical Society provides engaging education and enrichment programs for nearly 30,000 visitors each year, including 15,000 students, chaperones, and teachers from public, private and charter schools in southeast Michigan. The Troy Historical Society is committed to expanding awareness of the Village as an outstanding center for history, arts, and culture in the seven-county region.

Our Mission
The Troy Historical Society activates discovery and cultivates life-long exploration of history by sharing and preserving heritage through creative, meaningful experiences that engage the community.

Our Vision
The Troy Historic Village embraces and supports:

  • PRESENTATION and ACCESS to historical artifacts, archives, and resources.
  • EDUCATION programs for visitors and the regional community.
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT for the City of Troy and region.
  • COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT for social interaction and open community dialogue on issues of importance

The Troy Historical Society will provide a welcoming environment that:

  • Engages visitors and stakeholders in positive learning experiences and social interactions
  • Respects the significance of history as we seek knowledge, understanding, and relevance in our lives.
  • Recognizes the importance of archival and material collections as social objects and catalysts for sharing information and ideas
  • Embraces innovation and encourages passion and creativity in our work
  • Encourages the objective analysis, civil discussion, and evaluation of controversial issues
  • Promotes a culture of stewardship where all adhere to the highest standards of historic preservation, manage resources with integrity and transparency, and treat all stakeholders with dignity and respect

Since 1966 the Troy Historical Society has worked with the City of Troy to establish the museum (now known as the Troy Historic Village) where the community’s heritage is preserved. Society has provided thousands of hours of volunteer service at the Village, contributed financial support for public programs and events and donated over one million dollars to obtain and preserve the buildings in the Village. The Society has operated the Village for the City of Troy since 2011 through a renewable management agreement.

Business Documents
The Troy Historical Society aspires to best practices and transparency as a nonprofit corporation. The following documents are available for public review and download.  Please call Jennifer Peters, Executive Director at 248-524-3301 if you have questions about anything contained in these documents or reports.

Troy Historical Society Board of Trustees
Troy Historical Society Annual Report
Troy Historical Society Strategic Plan
Troy Historical Society Annual IRS Form 990

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