Dear Villager:

“I remember…” It’s a phrase we hear every day in the Village. “I remember” is a prelude to her story, my story, and History. Individual memories connect each of us with our ancestors and other people, places, and events in history. They also reveal the shared experiences, challenges, and accomplishments among diverse cultures that form our community.

Thank you for helping us to nurture the Troy Historic Village as a unique and inclusive environment that connects thousands of people and their personal stories with History. This year the Village will welcome nearly 17,000 students and chaperones; thousands of families and adults from communities across southeast Michigan; and international visitors who’ve come to America for work or pleasure. Our goal is to provide a warm welcome to each of our guests and offer them many ways to explore History and connect with one another. Your support helps us improve our visitor experiences, whether it’s a new multilingual audio tour for guests who are not native English speakers or expanded digital resources for genealogists and researchers. Your generous donations also sustain and grow our outstanding education programs and innovative outreach programs that travel beyond the Village gates and into classrooms and senior living centers.
Please know that your financial gift of any size is important and will be invested in our historic Village, appropriate technology, and opportunities to explore history and our place in it.
Padma Kuppa
President, Troy Historical Society
Loraine Campbell
Executive Director, Troy Historic Village


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