PreK and Kindergarten Field Trips – currently on hold while we redesign our offerings to better serve your students.

Grade 1
Children’s Chores:  Visit an authentic 19th century log cabin. Hands-on experiences may include: butter making, hauling wood, carding wool, gathering eggs, shouldering a yoke, and other seasonal activities.  90 minutes; 15-30 students; $7.00/person; Need 4-5 chaperones with teacher; September – November 30 and late March – June.

Grades 1-5
One-Room School:  Our 19th century teacher makes the one-room-school experience come alive.  Participate in reading, writing and arithmetic lessons.  You may come in old-fashioned clothes to act the part.  90 minutes; 15-30 students; $7.00/person.

Grades 1-8
Poppleton School: Rent the one-room school to deliver your own 19th century school lesson.  (Teacher responsible for planning and conducting lessons.). Books, slates and toys available and teachers may borrow schoolbooks in advance.  9:30am – 12pm or 12:30 – 3pm; 15-40 students; pay for 25 minimum; half day $6.50/person, full day $12.50/person.  

Read letters from 2nd graders who have enjoyed the Poppleton School Program

Combination Field Trips: Double combos are extended versions of field day programs. 120 minutes; 30-55 students; $8.00/person. 

Grades 1-3
Family & School:  In the log cabin, learn about and participate in pioneer chores.  Butter making available on request.  In the 19th Century Poppleton School, experience lessons and “punishments” and a recess game.  4-5 adults/class; September – first week of December and late March – June due to the cold in the Log Cabin.

Grades 2-4
Candles & Toys:  Get a sense of light before electricity and make a candle, then head over to the General Store to learn about needs and wants and historical fun, then make a toy. Minimum of 3 adults/class in addition to a teacher.  

Or customize your own pairing of any two of the five Field Day Three options below.

Field Day Three: Grades 1-5
Choose three 45-minute activities.  Groups rotate through three activities.  3 hours (including lunch period); $9.00/person; 45-90 students.

Pioneer Life (Cabin) Fall / Spring only: Explore the log cabin and learn about Michigan pioneers in the 1800s.

School 1880: Immersive one-room school experience. Students will take on the names and roles of 1880 students while they learn historical lessons and experience (as a volunteer) 19th century discipline.

Old Time Toys: Learn about the needs and wants of a 19-teens farming community in our general store, and historical toys. Make a toy to take home and play with old-time games.

Tin Punch: Learn about tinsmiths and the role they played in the 19th century and make a tin punch craft to take home. Older elementary students learn about other smithing occupations.

Candle Making: Consider light before electricity. Learn about candle making in early pioneer days and dip a beeswax candle to take home. (Not for Fall 1st graders.)

Field Day Four: Grades 3-5
Choose four field day options from the above and below.  Groups travel to four 45-minute sessions; four hours (including lunch break); $9.50/person; 50-120 students.

Print Shop: Learn about communication, observe how printed materials were mass-produced in the past, and make a flyer to take home.  Make a letter for a new font and learn printing terms.

Primary Sources: Learn differences between source types.  Understand how museums preserve collections and investigate conservation tools.

20th Century Commerce: Students compare current prices and wages with those of 100 years ago and learn about items for sale in our 20th Century General Store.

Grades 5-8
Civil War Days Students rotate through six presentations from authentically costumed reenactors including Abraham Lincoln and Sojourner Truth. They take part in period activities, such as military drill and dancing, that are designed to reinforce classroom instruction about this pivotal moment in American history. For the full version of this event, a minimum of 150 students is required. Visit for details about Civil War H2U- where Village staff travel to your school for a program.

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