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As the new school year approaches the 365 Project will feature the stories of the elementary, middle and high schools in Troy, including how the buildings were named. The History of Hamilton Elementary was reprinted from the District’s website with permission.

Lawrence R. Hamilton Elementary was opened in September 1982. The formal dedication of Hamilton Elementary was held on Sunday, November 14, 1982.

Lawrence R. Hamilton was born in Detroit, attended the Hazel Park Schools, and later obtained a bachelors and a master of arts degree from Wayne State University. He and his wife, Marje had three sons, Robert, Mark, and Gary.

Mr. Hamilton began his career in the Troy School District in 1954. He secured a position as a fifth grade teacher at Colerain Elementary School. Mr. Hamilton has served as a teaching principal and principal (Colerain Elementary School/Troy Union Elementary, Smith Elementary School and Leonard Elementary School). After ten years of working as a principal, he was appointed to the position of Elementary Curriculum Coordinator and Director of Special Education. In 1969, Lawrence R. Hamilton became the Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education. From 1977 until 1986 he served in the position of Assistant Superintendent of Instruction K-12. Mr. Hamilton retired from the Troy School District in 1986.


Lawrence R. Hamilton

Hamilton Elementary School under construction

To commemorate the City of Troy’s 60th Anniversary in 2015, we will publish a different story each day that highlights a person, discovery, or event that occurred locally, regionally, nationally, or even globally between 1955 and 2015 and that helped shape our lives and our community. We will try to post stories on important anniversary dates, but we also realize that dates are less critical than content and context. We will include the facts related to controversial stories, allowing our readers to form their own opinions. We invite you to read and comment on the stories. Your suggestions for topics are also welcome and can be posted on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/TroyHistoricVillage. You can also email stories or ideas to the 365 Story Editor at ed@thvmail.org.

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