Homeschool Programs
Enjoy these educational experiences with your family or “pod/bubble” group. Geared toward 1st –
5th grade children, accompanied by an adult. Price: $8/person or as listed below.

Call 248-524-3570 or e-mail to register.
If the dates/times listed below do not work for you, please contact us to set up a private booking.

Summer Pioneers
June 29, 10 am | and by request
THS Member: $7 | Nonmember: $8
Approximately 60-75 minutes

Life for pioneers always involved a lot of work, no matter the season, but how was life different
in the summer? Join us for Summer Pioneers for a hands-on way to see these differences. Learn
about sheep shearing and how wool is prepared for clothing, see how the garden supports the
family and how they care for it, and discover how pioneers stayed cool in the summer heat.

Shopping Back-in-Time
Private booking available upon request
Approximately 60 minutes

Visit the Village and join our costumed interpreters as they lead you through a make-believe
shopping trip at our 1910s general store. Students will be given various scenarios involving math, history, and economics (such as needs vs. wants, scarcity, bartering, and incentives). Children will also be given an old-fashioned candy or toy to take home!

Underground Railroad
Private booking available upon request | $9/person
Approximately 60-75 minutes

Role-play as fugitive enslaved persons traveling to freedom with conductor, stations, and
‘derailments.’ Develop a greater understanding of the challenges faced by 19 th -century freedom
seekers. Designed for children ages 5-13 with an adult.

2- Session Family Field Trip
Private booking available upon request
Approximately 120 minutes

Bring your family and a few friends to enjoy some of our most popular field trip activities in
physically-distanced, small group settings. Students will go back in time to experience chores
and cabin life, and make a candle to take home.



Our Community Series

The Our Community series of curriculum-based workbooks are designed as guides to help 1st
and 2nd grade students learn about history and communities. Each book contains history,
science, math, social studies and language arts, as well as kid-friendly language and activities
students will enjoy. Click here for more information and to order.



Scouts Summer 2021
Individuals, troops, or packs achieve badges or electives through these fun, engaging programs.
If your troop or den needs its own time or date (including evening), please call 248-524-3598
to speak to our teaching team or email

Letterboxing Clues
Private booking available upon request | Price: $8/person
Approximately 60-90 minutes
Find clues leading to hidden “letterboxes” all over the Village. You’ll create your own
personalized stamp, then trade and collect stamp images as you follow the clues. Remind you of
geocaching? Ages 7 and up (readers). Meets “Letterboxer” merit badge requirements.

Playing the Past
Private booking available upon request ǀ $8/person
Approximately 90 minutes

Be a student in the one-room school. Spend time in our Log Cabin while the fire blazes. Try
chores from the past like weaving on a hand loom and carrying water with a yoke. Have some
old-fashioned fun!  Meets “Playing the Past” merit badge requirements.

Scouts Woodworking
Available upon request with minimum 3 weeks-notice | $8/adult, $10/scout
Approximately 90-120 minutes

Cut, hammer, and build as Cadette Scouts and Bear Scouts make an individual project, and one
birdhouse for the den or troop. To schedule your troop or den, please give at least three weeks-
notice for us to prepare materials. Meets GS Cadette “Woodworker” and Cub Scout “Baloo the
Builder” belt loop requirements.




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