PreK and Kindergarten Field Trips
Thoughtfully designed grade appropriate programs that meet the updated Michigan Social Studies curriculum standards.

Pre-K and K
NEW! Cheddar Measure: Meet Cheddar Mouse and learn ways to keep track of time, count volume, and length. Small group, center-based learning. Leader/chaperone guidance (4-5 adults). 60 minutes; 10-18 pre-K or 15-30 K students; $6.50/person; January to June.

Cheddar’s History Trunk:  Adventure back in time Cheddar the Village Mouse; learn vocabulary and letters with artifacts.  Finish with a fun game.  In warm weather, ABC garden included.  60 minutes; 15-30 students; $6.50/person; November to June.

Cheddar Kinder Combo:  Combine A-Z with Cheddar Measure: Have fun with numbers and letters! Available for one or two classes, alternating between topics. 90-100 minutes; needs 4-5 adults; $7.50 per student; November to June.

Grade 1
Children’s Chores:  Visit an authentic 19th century log cabin. Hands-on experiences may include: butter making, hauling wood, carding wool, gathering eggs, shouldering a yoke, and other seasonal activities.  90 minutes; 15-30 students; $6.50/person; Need 4-5 chaperones with teacher; September – November 30 and April 1 – June.

Grades 1-5
One-Room School:  Our 19th century teacher makes the one-room-school experience come alive.  Participate in reading, writing and arithmetic lessons.  You may come in old-fashioned cloths to act the part.  90 minutes; 15-30 students; $6.50/person.

Grades 1-8
Poppleton School:  Experience a day in a 19th century one-room school.  (Teacher responsible for planning and conducting lessons.). Books, slates and toys available and teachers may borrow schoolbooks in advance.  9:30am – 12pm or 12:30 – 3pm; 15-40 students; pay for 25 minimum; half day $6.50/person, full day $12.50/person.  

Read letters from 2nd graders who have enjoyed the Poppleton School Program

Grades 4-5
Colonial Review OR U.S. Regions:  In the one-room school, focus on the 13 colonies of the east and Spanish possession of the west. Explore U.S. Regions through language, first people, buildings, climate and crops. 15-30 students; 90 minutes; $6.50/person; December – June.

Combination Field Trips: Double combos are extended versions of field day programs.  120 minutes; 30-55 students; $7.00/person. 

Grades 1-3
Family & School:  In the log cabin, learn about and participate in pioneer chores.  Butter making available on request.  In the 19th Century Poppleton School, experience lessons and “punishments” and a recess game.  4-5 adults/class; September – December 5 and April – June.  

Grades 2-4
Candles & Store:  Get a sense of light before electricity (make a candle) and 1914 shopping comparison in the general store (make a toy).  Minimum of 3 adults/class (besides teacher); December to June.  

Grades 4-5
Commerce and Community:  Utilize math skills as you “shop” in the General Store.  “Touch” history in the form of educational artifacts.  Visit a 1915 family home to learn about home life and challenges in the working community.  Supervision from 4-5 adults.

Field Day Three: Grades 1-5
Choose three 45-minute activities.  Groups rotate through three activities.  3 hours (including lunch period); $8.00/person; 45-90 students.

Pioneer Life (Cabin) Fall / Spring only: Explore the log cabin, comparing with today, and learn about Michigan pioneers in the 1800s.

School 1880: Experience typical lessons in a one-room- school of 1880 through guided role-playing.

Old Time Toys: Learn about the needs and wants of a 19-teens farming community in our general store. Make a toy to take home and play with old-time games.

Tin Punch: Listen to a story about a tinsmith and make a tin punch craft to take home. Older elementary students learn about other smithing occupations.

Candle Making: Consider light before electricity. Learn about candle making in early pioneer days and dip a beeswax candle to take home. (Not for Fall 1st graders.)

Field Day Four: Grades 3-5
Choose four field day options from the above and below.  Groups travel to four 45-minute sessions; four hours (including lunch break); $9.50/person; 50-120 students.

Life 1900-1915: Contrast a child’s modern life with that in 1915.  Explore a Wilsonian home while learning about early 20th century American culture before World War 1.

Print Shop: Observe how printed materials were mass-produced in the past and make a flyer to take home.  Make a letter for a new font and learn printing terms.

Primary Sources: Learn differences between source types.  Understand how museums preserve collections and investigate conservation tools.

20th Century Commerce: Students compare current prices and wages with those of 100 years ago and learn about items for sale in our 20th Century General Store.

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