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Sponsor Benefits

Supporting Troy’s heritage and quality of life in a meaningful way

The Troy Historic Village is a unique and special cultural resource for Troy. Preserving historical buildings and artifacts, and sharing stories about our past, provide an important way for the Troy community to better understand its identity.  Over the past 60 years, the City of Troy has grown significantly. The Troy Historic Village provides visitors with a meaningful experience to know how much things have changed, and how some aspects of life in Troy remain the same. Many businesses recognize that Troy is a wonderful place to do business. Troy has also been recognized as a wonderful place to live and raise a family.  The Troy Historic Village contributes to this well-deserved quality of life reputation. Although the City of Troy provides some limited funding to support its operations, the Troy Historic Village is operated independently by the Troy Historical Society, a charitable 501(c)(3) organization. Founded in 1966, the Society was primarily responsible for the creation of the Village and the relocation of most of its historic buildings. In addition to income earned from educational programs and events, the Village obtains the remainder of revenues to support its operations from individual donations, grants, and sponsorships.

The benefits of sponsorship

Sponsoring a program or event hosted by the Troy Historic Village provides a win-win opportunity for any business or community organization.  It provides critically needed funds for the Village to support its ongoing operations, and it enhances the name recognition and awareness of the business.  It also demonstrates that the sponsor cares about giving back to the community and contributing to its quality of life in a substantive way. Depending on the level of sponsorship and the type of program or event being supported, a business or community organization will be recognized by the Troy Historic Village with its name/logo in the following ways:

  • THV website
  • Social media postings, such as Facebook
  • Media releases
  • Program/event flyers and handouts
  • Our quarterly newsletter Village Press and weekly e-blasts
  • Listing in our annual report

Types of Sponsorships

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, contact Sharon Snyder, Community Development Director at the Troy Historic Village at 248-524-3571 or email

Thank you, Sponsors! Click here to see our impressive list of sponsors.

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