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Installment 10: A Progress Report


Freshly painted Niles-Barnard exterior

The Niles-Barnard House exterior looks clean and bright with three new coats of paint and sage green trim. While most people probably think the house was always white, careful scraping reveals that this building has painted at least three other colors in the last 180 years including olive green, yellow and salmon pink.


Drywall installed on the main floor

Workers evaluated and tried to preserve the original building materials, however the horsehair plaster was too thin and badly cracked to salvage.  New drywall is installed this week will be covered with period wallpaper reminiscent of the 1850s.


New hardscapes replace old pavers

At the other end of the Village, Warren Construction Co is removing the deteriorated paver pathways in front of the Church, Parsonage and Town Hall. New stamped, dyed concrete walkways will be installed here and between Poppleton School and the Caswell House. The same patterned walkways will also be poured around the Niles-Barnard House. A new walkway between the Log Cabin and Niles-Barnard will connect the restored house to the Village.