Our monthly Thursday Teas at Two series is on pause this summer while social distancing is in effect. In the meantime, we invite you to register for these socially distanced, small-group format history talks—instead of “Teas at Two,” think of them as “Teas for a Few!


Join us this winter for staff-led history talks on any of the dates listed below or contact us to schedule a private program for your group of 5-18 people. Masks are required for onsite programs. New: starting in December, we’ll also offer virtual versions of each Tea! (See below for virtual program dates.)



Advance registration is required. Scroll down to register and pay online or call
248-524-3570 to register and pay over the phone.

Member: $8
Non-member: $9

Upcoming Topics:

Christmas Traditions
Learn how pre-Christian traditions of winter solstice, yule and Saturnalia influenced modern
Christmas celebrations.
Tuesday, December 8 at 10am
Thursday, December 10 at 10am (Virtual-only)
Thursday, December 10 at 3pm

Winter in the Civil War
Hear how soldiers and civilians endured the long cold winter months during the Civil War.
Tuesday, January 12 at 10am
Thursday, January 14 at 10am (Virtual-only)
Thursday, January 14 at 3pm

Golden Age of Radio
Travel back in time with us to the “golden age” of radio from the 1920s to 1950s. Learn about
the invention of the radio and how it grew to be our main source of news and entertainment.
We’ll give extra attention to our own Detroit radio stations. Walk down memory lane with us
as we remember the sitcoms, mysteries, westerns, commercials, World War II news reports,
President Roosevelt’s “fireside chats,” and more!

Thursday, February 11 at 10am (Virtual-only)
Thursday, February 18 at 3pm


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