Thursday Teas
Select Thursdays at 2:00pm
Sponsored by Oakmont Manor and Oakmont Sterling  

Join us on select Thursdays each month at 2:00pm for history talks led by guest presenters or Village staff on a variety of topics. Program is held inside Old Troy Church on our site. Scroll down to register online or call 248-524-3570 to register and pay over the phone.    

Troy Historical Society Member: $9
Non-member: $10


August 25: Natural History of Oakland County
Take a metaphorical walk on the wild side of Oakland! Explore our county’s history with a guided ramble through time. Oakland County wasn’t always roads and buildings. What evidence of Native occupation do we recognize? When did the “new” way of living on the land gain ground and what wildlife did American settlers encounter? History interpreter Matthew Hackett explores Oakland’s edible foods, mammals, and more.
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September 22: Cows in the Opera House and Other Museum Mysteries
A mystery is defined as something unexplained or inexplicable, or as a person or thing having qualities that arouse curiosity or speculation. Art Historian Wendy Evans will explore the many mysteries of the Detroit Institute of Arts, including stories and images, newly discovered meanings, and issues of authenticity.






October 27: A History of Museums
There are all kinds of museums to enjoy—from history and art to children’s museums and off-beat collections. But where do they all come from? What makes a museum a museum? We’ll roll back through history and look at the first collections of the Classical Era taken by conquest or pulled together out of interest by the Greeks and Romans. Later the Renaissance and Enlightenment sparked a new round of collecting and a sort of show-and-tell through Cabinets of Curiosity. Those collections grew to fill entire buildings, but it was the spark of the greatest American showman that launched what we know as the modern museum. Executive Director Jen Peters will take you on a tour through history and museums.



November 17: The Gilded Age
The Gilded Age of the late 1800s was a tumultuous and formative time in US history, characterized by immense growth and modernization, as well as greed and corruption. Barb Gulley of Barb’s Tea Service will highlight the battle between “old money” and the nouveau riche, explore the excess in society parties and homes, and discuss the aftermath of the Gilded Age.





December 15: Christmas in the Victorian Era
Christmas has changed a lot since it was first observed in North America. It isn’t until the Victoria era that Christmas starts to look and feel familiar. Learn how European royalty, a German immigrant, an American periodical, and a professor of Oriental and Greek literature gave us the Christmas we know today.





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