Constitution Cafés
FREE ǀ Select Sundays ǀ 2:00pm

Utilizing the Socratic Method of inquiry, engage in civil discourse to explore different
aspects of the Constitution each month. Sponsored by Oakland County Bar Foundation.
Due to limited space inside the Church, we now require advance registration
for Constitution Cafés and will cap registration in order to follow social
distancing guidelines. Masks are required for this indoors program.
Registration opens two weeks before each Café program. Register online below
(link will appear when registration is open), email or call 248-524-3570.

Join us on select Sundays:

June 13: President as Commander in Chief, Executive, and Pardons Art. II, sec. II, cls. 1
The President has power over the Army and Navy, the Cabinet, and the power to grant
pardons. What’s the relationship between these powers? Should the President continue
to have to these powers?
Click here to register!

July 11: President as Treaty Maker and Appointer-in-Chief Art. II, sec. II, cls. 2-3
The President makes Treaties, but the Senate gives advice on the Treaties. How much
advice is the Senate allowed to give? Is the Treaty Power still useful today?
Registration opens June 27

August 8: The State of the Union & Impeachment Art. II, sec. III & IV
The President is required to give Congress “information from time to time.” Why? Is this
tradition still necessary in the era of the 24-hour news cycle? And how do you hold a President accountable?
Registration opens July 25

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