Curious about your family’s history?  If you have roots in Troy, let our Family History Concierge help you discover your heritage and family connections to the area.

How it works
Drawing from the genealogy sources in our Village archives, as well yearbooks, maps and over 200 years-worth of correspondence, our Concierge researchers will work to find relevant historical records to tell your family’s story. We’ll curate a personalized family history report for you.

Packages & Pricing
All Family History Concierge service packages include a 15 minute consultation with our Curator/Family Historian. You can choose to have your consultation by phone, in person (socially-distanced) or online through a video conferencing service such as Google Hangouts or Zoom.

Point A to Point B Package – $25
This is the package for you if you already know some specifics about your research project, such family names and locations. You might have a very specific question in mind such as “I have a house in Troy. What can you tell me about previous landowners?” or “Did my ancestor attend Big Beaver High School in the 1940s?” This package includes:

  • High resolution digital images of relevant photographs or documents found (up to 2 images/ 4 pages max) for your private, non-commercial use.
  • Approximately one hour of thorough research, including a search of up to 3 genealogical sources within our collection
  • A personalized report of our findings

Winding Road Package – $100
This option is perfect if you require more time and personal assistance to get started on your family history project or if your query is somewhat complex. This package includes:

  • High resolution digital images of relevant photographs or documents found (up to 7 images/ 15 pages scanned) for your private non-commercial use.
  • Several hours of research including a thorough examination of 6-8 genealogical sources within our collection as well as some research outside our collections as needed.
  • A special extended briefing with our Curator/Family historian which includes suggested next steps in your research, either inside or outside our collections.
  • A personalized report of our findings

Before you submit a request, please note:
Average response time to make contact on requests is 1-3 business days (not including weekends or holidays). After initial contact, wait time for reports  is 2-3 weeks unless stated otherwise. Please keep this timeframe in mind when making a request. If you require information more urgently, a rush fee of $30 may be charged.

We do not provide any certified legal documents. Birth, Marriage and Death certificates must be obtained through the Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds office. Property deeds are held at the county level. If you are interested in images for publication, please contact our Curator directly. Family History Concierge packages are solely intended for private individuals.

Get Started
To start working with our Family History Concierge, please fill out the quick form below, call 248-524-3570 or email

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