Our Play at the Village exhibit (February – April 2021) explores the fun and fascinating history of play with hundreds of toys and games from 1890-2020. Now it’s your turn to share your toy story!

Help fill our Virtual Toy Chest with your favorite toys and games! Dig them out of storage, if you still have them, and send in a picture. You can also scour old photo albums to submit a photo of yourself as a kid. Then tell us your toy story—here are some prompts if you need inspiration:

  • Did you have an Easy Bake oven? Maybe a toy tool set or a Red Rider BB gun?
  • Did you have a baby doll or a companion doll? Did it do anything special?
  • Did you play with toy soldiers as a kid? How about action figures? Which were your favorites?
  • What was your favorite stuffed animal? Do you still have it? Why did you love it so much?
  • Did you play with things other than toys? (Think office supplies, sticks or rocks, anything not specifically intended for play)

Click here to submit your photo and toy story to our Virtual Toy Chest!

Click here to SEE our our Virtual Toy Chest!









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