9-15-15-In 2015 simpler styles are common.
9-15-15Many popular hairstyles for women in 1965 used teasing to  increase volume.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hairstyles have unquestionably changed since 1965, but student stylists have learned, and clients have enjoyed, up-to-the-moment hair fashions at Michigan College of Beauty, Troy, for the past 50 years. Michigan College of Beauty (MCB) was founded in 1965 by Mr. Armand Dagenais.  Mr. Armand, a hairstylist and salon owner, dedicated himself to providing the best training possible for individuals entering the beauty industry.  In 1997, his son, Mr. D, purchased the school, where he continues to fulfill his father’s vision and direct the school in his honor.

MCB’s free-standing main facility, which was built in 1988 at 3498 Rochester Road in Troy, has 11,000 square feet of training space. The Cosmetology, Manicuring, and Esthetics Clinics, in which supervised, senior students provide services to the public, are held here. In 2001, the school constructed 7,000 square feet of additional classroom space, a quarter-mile from the main building.

Michigan College of Beauty, which is licensed by the State of Michigan Board of Cosmetology, sets the highest standards for graduates, who must meet the Board’s requirements to become licensed.  The instructors, some of whom worked alongside Mr. Armand, endeavor to graduate students who will be a credit to both the school and the industry. Students may attend full-time or part-time, on day or evening schedules.

Michigan College of Beauty is proud to be one of the first Pivot Point member schools. The Pivot Point method was created by Leo Passage, an international award-winning hair designer.  His method teaches students to see, think, create, and adapt as designers, teaching students not only “how,” but also “why”.  Pivot Point believes that training only “how” limits students to technical skills…also teaching “why” fosters students to create and adapt as hair designers.

That adaptability has clearly contributed to MCB’s half century of success – congratulations on this anniversary!



Many popular hairstyles for women in 1965 used teasing to increase volume.

In 2015 simpler styles are common.


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