Spring Mini-Workshops
30-90 minutes ǀ Families and Individuals ǀ Available upon request

Make something new using old-time skills and materials. All supplies are included. Workshops are held indoors. Call 248-524-3598 or e-mail ypd@thvmail.org to book a workshop. Private workshops available upon request for alternate dates and times. Great activity for families, scouts and homeschool groups.

Rag Doll
March 5 at 4pm | THSMembers: $12/doll or Non-Members: $14/doll

New this spring! Put some old fabric to use to make a doll (or action figure) like kids did in the past. Age 6+ with an adult.

Rice Stuffy
March 16 at 4pm | THS Members: $12/stuffy or Non-Members: $14/stuffy

New! Make a cute little stuffy buddy filled with rice. Age 6+ with an adult.

Cornhusk Doll (or “Action Figure”)
April 9 at 4pm | THS Members: $8/doll or Non-Members: $12/doll

Use corn husks and string to create a classic kids’ toy. Also makes a great decoration! Age 6+ with an adult.

Build a Birdhouse Kit
April 20 at 4pm | THS Members: $20/birdhouse or Non-Members: $24/birdhouse

Perfect for spring! Make a home for your local feathered friends. Build it onsite with assistance or take it home with directions. Age 7+ with an adult.

Planter Buddies
May 7 at 4pm | THS Members: $7/craft or Non-Members: $8/craft

New! Make a planter buddy to decorate your flowerpots and planters and keep your plants company! Age 6+ with an adult.

Rubber Band Launcher
May 11 at 4pm | THS Members: $10/launcher or Non-Members: $12/launcher

New! Cleverly employ wood, rubber bands, and clothespins to make a creative toy. Don’t shoot your eye out. Age 6+ with an adult.

Tin-Punch Lantern and Beeswax Candle
Call to book | THS Members: $12/lantern; Non-Members: $16/lantern

Make your own tin-punch lantern! Use one of our templates or design your own pattern. You’ll also dip a beeswax taper candle to go inside of your lantern. Note: This is not a tin-smithing workshop. The lantern is made from an upcycled aluminum can.  Age 6+ with an adult.

 Playing Tricks on Your Eyes (Optical Illusions)
Call to book | Members: $5/person; Non-Members: $7/person

A great blend of history and science! Make and take home a simple thaumatrope, a 19thcentury spinning toy which has two pictures that appear to blend into one! We’ll also show you other old-fashioned toys that play tricks on your eyes, such as stereoscopes, Jacob’s Ladder, and buzzsaws.  Age 6+ with an adult.


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