6:00 – 8:30 pm | Registration Required

Price per tour: $10/THS Member, $15/Non-member

This fall, join us for a special behind-the-scenes tours of historic buildings located at the Village. Explore the hearth and soul of these structures as you learn all about their places in Troy and in time! Light refreshments included. Some stair climbing is required for parts of these tours; please contact Village at 248-524-3570 for accessibility details.

September 18: Niles Barnard House

This most-recently relocated of the Village’s historic buildings has many fascinating stories. Built in 1823 by one of Troy’s first pioneer settlers, Johnson Niles, it was simultaneously a family home and tavern. By the 1950s, the family of Judge Norman Barnard lived in the home, and it was in their living room that the City of Troy was platted. For the first time, visitors are invited to go inside the Niles Barnard House (stair-climbing required) and learn about its history and restoration. Program also features historic tavern talk with an archaeology spin.


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