Village Fitness Challenge

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Starts: July 4, 2021
Ends: September 6, 2021 (Labor Day)
Where: Anywhere!

Play fitness bingo with a history twist! From Independence Day to Labor Day, take on
our Village Fitness Challenge as an individual or as a family. Walk, run, ride, roll, swim,
paddle, stretch—move however you like as you work to complete the challenge.

This virtual fitness challenge is also a fundraiser for the Troy Historic Village. Your $10
registration supports the Village and earns you an awesome t-shirt and the eternal
gratitude of a small non-profit. It’s a great way to support local history and your own
health this summer!

Registration is open! Click here to register.

How it works
When you register, you’ll get a confirmation email with your Village Fitness Challenge bingo card. You can print it out and mark off boxes on the bingo card as you complete them.


T-shirt details
If you sign up by August 8, your $10 registration will include one (1) Village Fitness Challenge t-shirt ($12 for size 2XL). You can buy multiple shirts if you’re registering more than one person when you sign up online. Make sure to register no later than August 8–we can’t guarantee t-shirts for anyone who registers after August 8.  Participants will be notified by email when t-shirts are available for pickup at the Troy Historic Village. We’re sorry, we can’t mail shirts this year!





Can I join the Village Fitness Challenge after July 4?
Yes! You can register any day between July 4 and September 7. Note that you’ll have much less time to complete the challenge bingo card if you wait until September! If you want a t-shirt, you’ll need to register by August 8.

Can my family and I do the Village Fitness Challenge together?
Yes! Note that every $10 registrant who signs up who by August 8 receives one t-shirt. If you’re taking on the challenge as a family and everyone wants their own t-shirt, you can register everyone at the same time for $10 each. We can’t guarantee t-shirts for anyone who registers after August 8.

I’m not a great athlete. Can I participate?
Yes, absolutely! It’s really easy to scale this challenge to your interests and abilities. You’ll notice that our challenge bingo card asks you to do things like visit your favorite park or photograph a water feature.
“Visit” can mean walk, sit down and bird-watch, do some yoga or journaling—whatever you want it to mean! If a box mentions walking, running, or riding somewhere, but you’d rather swim or weave a basket, by all means!

I’m a really great athlete. Can I participate?
Yes, definitely! It’s really easy to scale this challenge to your interests and abilities. If you’ve already got a pretty solid training schedule or daily routine going, taking on the Village Fitness Challenge is a great way to add a bit of fun to your active lifestyle, shake up your routine, and explore new places as you work toward your fitness goals. Plus, you can do parts of this challenge while you’re training and racing. Efficient!

Am I required to log or post the number of minutes I work out or miles I complete?
Nope, you’re not required to log or track anything—if you say you completed an activity, we’ll believe you! That being said, you are welcome to post any of your activities on our Village Fitness Challenge group page on Facebook (you’ll be invited to join when you register for the Challenge) and we encourage you to share some of your favorite photos, places, and activities with the group.

What if I am unable to do one or more of the activities on the challenge bingo card?
We tried really hard to make the Village Fitness Challenge as fun and accessible to as many people as possible—but we realize not everything presented here will work for every single person. That’s okay—be creative!

If you can’t visit an official botanical garden, can you (without trespassing!) go to another really neat garden in your neighborhood, a native flower garden in front of a Nature Center, or even a field with lots of cool flowers?

If you can’t photograph something while you’re out, take a mental photograph and we’ll say that counts! (Note that it’s somewhat harder to share mental photographs on social media.)

Stay tuned for pop-up challenges, too! You can substitute a pop-up challenge for any activity on the bingo card. Pop-up challenges will be issued several times between July 4 and September 6 via the Village Fitness Challenge Facebook group page. You can also email event organizer Stephanie at to ask for a pop-up challenge, she loves coming up with this stuff!

Isn’t it weird that a historical society is offering a fitness challenge?
We don’t think so! We’ve used the grounds of the Village as a unique classroom space for outdoor Museum Yoga classes for several years, and our Thursday Walking Group will celebrate its 3-year anniversary this September. If you’ve ever seen our Blacksmithing instructor or her students hammering metal into art in our Wagon Shop, you’ll recognize there’s quite a bit of strength needed for that activity!
We love getting outdoors on the Village Green and in our community—both are filled with history and nature, and we want to share that with you. This Village Fitness Challenge is a great way to add some fun to your current routine or start a new one!

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