Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Troy is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Michigan and that diversity is reflected in the community’s numerous churches. For example, there are four Romanian houses of worship in the City: Bethesda Romanian Pentecostal Church, St. Nicholas Romanian Orthodox Church, Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church, and First Romanian Baptist Church.

Pastor Simion Timbuc of the Bethesda Pentecostal Church explains that industrious Romanians were were initially attracted to the Metro-Detroit area because of the automotive industry. They found work, settled in Oakland and Macomb Counties, then stayed in the area because of cultural festivals and amenities in cities like Troy. They also built churches near their new homes.

Troy’s leadership and City administration have been supportive and understanding as new congregations built their houses of worship. When construction began on St. Nicholas ROC in 1998, Troy leaders recognized that the church would serve as a focal point for immigrants, support Romanians as they became acclimated and assimilated in the community, and satisfy their cultural and religious needs. The church would also be a landmark in the area. Therefore, the Building Department extended construction deadlines and allowed Father George Carstea to slowly construct the traditional Romanian style church. The stone church was finished last year and consecrated early in 2015.

The existence of these and other religious congregations is only one of the many way ways that diversity has blossomed in Troy.

Photo:  St. Nicholas Romanian Orthodox Church


Ciui, Deacon Radu. 2015. Interviewed by Emily Blakowski, Troy, MI. October 13.

Image Source: St. Nicholas Romanian Orthodox Church – Troy, MI, 2015, Facebook.

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Timbuc, Pastor Simion. 2015. Interviewed by Emily Blakowski, Troy, MI. October 13.

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