Volunteer at the Troy Historic Village, where history lives!

Our Mission: Discovery! Appreciation of History! Sharing and preserving our heritage through hands-on experiences! Friendly, attentive volunteers and staff! The Troy Historic Village provides a friendly atmosphere to learn about our culture from the past, present and future, through programs and gatherings to grasp information in the most effective way.

Our Goal: To create historical awareness in our community and help individuals learn about our past as we understand we come from various backgrounds and locations. Furthermore, we hope to enrich the volunteer experience to create a friendly environment in our community.

Background: The Troy Historical Society runs the Village programs and events through the cooperation of board, staff and volunteers. The Troy Historic Village property and buildings are owned by the City of Troy.

Attitude is Everything

At Troy Historic Village we engage the public. YOU might be the first or only impression someone has of the Village and the event. You need to make sure it is a good one! Remember these are our guests and need to be treated as such. Things we look for:

  • Smiles and welcomes for our guests.
  • Pay attention to our guests – not your phone, friends or other distractions
  • Positive Attitude – start a conversation or invite guests to join the activity
  • Be an active volunteer – attend to our guests first. Please do not hang out/chat with friends during an event that you are volunteering.
  • An EARNED signature on your volunteer sheet.
  • Fun! Volunteering can be fun. It is a chance to interact with people, acquire and develop skills and discover new interests.

Some ideas to help you be successful

  • Read the description of your “job” closely before you sign up to make a good choice and know how to dress. (ie: WEAR WEATHER APPROPRIATE CLOTHES!)
  • Arrive on time so you can get comfortable in your volunteer job.
  • Get acquainted with the entire event which helps you appreciate the importance of your job.
  • Learn about your building. Read the guidebook provided in your building. It will help you be a valuable asset to the Village and your guests.
  • Be prepared to be busy or slow, or both! Quiet or slow times are good times to look and learn.
  • Welcome your visitors as you would like to be welcomed. Share information and ask your guests questions.
    • Is this your first visit to Troy Historic Village?
    • What would you like about living in the 1880’s?
    • What have you enjoyed so far?
  • You are here to help others. For a time, put the visitor needs ahead of your needs.
  • Have fun! It’s contagious!

I have read the above guidelines and agree to represent the Troy Historic Village to the best of my ability. I understand that I need to follow these guidelines to earn a signature for my hours.

Please click here to download information/form to sign and return or fill out the online form below.

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