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Hashtag Throwback Thursday, or most simply #TBT, is currently the most popular trend in weekday themes on social media. In practice, we see it used for images from a week ago, a previous vacation (not the current one), a one-time pet, or some old technology you still possess. #TBT exists in that lawless place called the internet, but does seem to work best for kitschy, cute or meaningful contrasts between “then” and “now.”

At least one post is trying to regulate the posts of others—good luck with that.

I think if you about it, any image you post represents the past. For me that is reminiscent of the band They Might Be Giants “Now You’re even older.” See this YouTube for a taste of this timely tune.


When we have “Live Streaming Thursdays” I wonder how many of us will have the time to see what’s happening in the now.

Come summer—yes we are planning it now—look for the Troy Historic Village to be open late on Thursdays in June, July and August. In June we are using a century’s worth of theme—the 19th Century. Most of our buildings come from this part of the timeline. (The oldest is the Caswell House, built in 1832).

Throwback Thursdays in June allow us to play to our strengths. Come in June to look, listen, taste, and surround yourself with the 19th Century.

In July, THV makes the decade of the 1920’s come alive with displays, presentations, and costuming from the Roaring Twenties. Who is your favorite Detroit Tiger of the 1920’s? Throw back your head and roar in July! Plan for one further decade in the Throwback Thursdays when August rolls around. We hope you’ve heard the Troy Historical Society, parent to the Village and all the buildings moved here, turns 50 this August. Throwback Thursdays in August will be from the 1960’s. Help celebrate and experience fifty years of local history.

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