C’mon get sappy!

Let’s face it. For most of us, March weather in Michigan is a real drag– a sloppy mix of snow and slush with lots of clouds and only occasional peaks of sunshine. Just when we think that spring has arrived and we can pack away the down jackets, the temperature plummets and we’re back in the deep freeze. But that same crazy weather is also essential for tapping maple sap and making delicious syrup. So on Saturday March 11 and 18 our Village crew will get sappy with our friends at the Stage Nature Center during their annual Maple Syrup Festival. For a great laugh check out our new musical video:


At the Nature Center we’ll boil down gallons of sweet sap and share the history and science of making pure maple syrup. Everyone also gets to sample fresh syrup, and other heavenly maple products including maple cream, maple-chardonnay mustard, and even maple Sriracha. Our Village Store will be at the Nature Center too, with these and more products for purchase. The Maple Syrup Festival is fun for the entire family, so we hope you’ll join us. To register go to

https://troynaturesociety.org/programs/maple-syrup- 2017/



How does Michigan rank in maple syrup production? Here are some facts. Remember that actual annual syrup production varies year to year based on the weather:

State/Provinces and their Annual Production

 Quebec and Ontario (combined) 13.5 million gallons

 Vermont production 1.3-2 million gallons

 New York and Maine 500,000 gallons each

 Wisconsin 200,000 gallons

 Michigan 91,000 gallons

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