A Troy Christmas Memory

During the 1970s members of Big Beaver United Methodist Church staged a living nativity scene on Christmas Eve. Church members bundled in robes and blankets portrayed Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the shepherds, and angels. Harriet Barnard provided live sheep from her flock and arranged to borrow a goat and a donkey from a nearby farm. All posed in a makeshift stable in front of the church on Rochester Road. (Life Christian Church now worships in that building.) The living reminder of Christ’s birth greeted community members as they arrived for the Christmas Eve service. Harriet’s son Fred recalls, “We stood out outside in the cold for what felt like hours– it was probably only 20 minutes– and listened to hymns played over a loud speaker. I remember that we had to hold the animals so they wouldn’t run away.”

The entire Village family of staff and volunteers, and Board of Trustees wish each of you warm and very special family memories as you celebrate Christmas or holidays from your homeland or faith tradition.


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