Honoring Troy Historical Society

Have you ever wondered how the Troy Historic Village came to be?

Founding MembersA few of our founding members in a typical gathering, including (facing camera, from left) Richard Drue, Thelma Holdburg, and Morris Wattles (far right) about 1980.

The founding mothers and fathers of the Troy Historical Society started with humble beginnings, in back yards and around kitchen tables – they organized and fundraised, collected and displayed, all for the benefit of future generations of Troy citizens. When the Caswell House was slated for demolition, they pooled their resources and saved it. When the Poppleton one room schoolhouse was slated for a similar fate, they fundraised, charging $1 a piece for a small red foot pin which symbolized the move of that physical building, brick by brick, each foot of the way, to be reassembled like a giant jigsaw puzzle behind the former Township Hall. Their efforts brought a log cabin from Monroe, moved the Town Hall (twice) and renovated all of the buildings now at the Troy Historic Village many times over.

Time and time again, Troy Historical Society has risen to the occasion, lending their time, talents, and treasure to preserve some of our city’s past. When the Great Recession threatened to shutter the village, once again the Historical Society came forward to become stewards and caretakers of the buildings and artifacts and history of our fair region.

Tonight, a huge scrapbook commemorating the people and just a few fruits of their combined efforts will be on display at our Embracing Excellence Event. Following the event, this oversized scrapbook will be on display in the main lobby. We invite you to come and turn back the pages of time!

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