Digger’s Detectives Fitness Fun
June 19 – July 31 ǀ FREE ǀ Kids ages 5-10 with their families (involves some reading and writing)

Digger the Groundhog is the Village’s mascot for elementary school children. She is friends with Cheddar
the Mouse, our preschool mascot. Digger wants to be an archaeologist when she grows up, so she
enjoys using clues and making observations to learn about history.

She invites families to try 10 fun fitness activities that have you searching for things while doing
exercises like walking, swimming, and biking. Sign up below and we’ll email you a copy of Digger’s
Detective Fitness Fun activities to download and print, or you can stop by the Village to pick up a
paper copy.

If you complete all 10 activities by July 31, turn in your sheet at the Village to be entered into a drawing
for a prize!

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