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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Troy Youth Assistance (TYA) is a prevention program. It is a volunteer-driven, 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, one of 26 Youth Assistance programs in Oakland County. The program was conceived by local judges who wanted to help at-risk kids make better choices and stay out of the judicial system. The judges envisioned a tri-party partnership between the Oakland County Circuit Court-Family Division, the local school district, and the local municipality. The Oakland County Board of Commissioners provides major funding for a professional counselor in each unit.

TYA was established in 1957. It provides confidential, short-term, family-centered counseling and referral services for youth, 16 years of age or younger, and their families who live in Troy or attend Troy schools. Referrals are accepted from school personnel, police, parents, and other community sources. A professional counselor assesses the needs of each child and may provide counseling services, link families with available resources, or make appropriate referrals. There are currently 88 active cases in Troy and 68 additional referrals to other appropriate agencies.

TYA volunteers work with the professional counselor to plan and sponsor local parenting and prevention programs for youth and their families that promote positive behavior and strengthen family relationships in the community. Topics include healthy parenting, anger management, and anti-bullying. Other programs including “How To Say No” and “Trends, Friends, and Fatal Ends,” which address risky behaviors that can have serious, if not fatal, consequences.

TYA also provides partial scholarships for summer camps through the Troy Community Coalition, YMCA, Autism Camp at Oakland University, Soccer Camp, and other camps focused on skill areas including dance and archery. Mentors PLUS matches youth with caring adults who serve as positive role models and plan one-on-one time as well as group activities with their mentees. The Annual Youth Recognition Awards Event, sponsored by Rotary Club of Troy, honors over 100 students annually for their positive contributions to the community.

For more information or to get involved in this worthwhile community program, please go to www.troyyouthassistance.org.



TYA Annual Report 2014-2015

Telephone interview with Robin Beltramini


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