FeedbackMonday, December 21, 2015

Philosopher George Santayana once said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. But while history can be instructive, it also has the capacity to inspire and to challenge us. We have presented a wide range of 20th century stories through the 365 Project. While some posts highlighted national events and innovations with global impacts, about 80% of our stories have focused on Troy. We’ve highlighted civic leaders, janitors, business people, and homemakers. We’ve showcased outstanding volunteers, clubs, and faith-driven congregations that have repeatedly demonstrated the positive impact of group effort. Other stories simply explained why and how our community evolved into a dynamic city, or how streets and parks were named.  As this yearlong project draws to a close on December 31, we would like your feedback:


  1. What was your favorite or most memorable story? (If you need to jog your memory go to the 365 Archive on the homepage.)
  2. What has been your most important “take away” as a 365 reader?

Please post your comments on our Facebook page or email them to by December 23 and we will post the compiled results and the favorite story of the year on December 30. Thanks so much!


To commemorate the City of Troy’s 60th Anniversary in 2015, we will publish a different story each day that highlights a person, discovery, or event that occurred locally, regionally, nationally, or even globally between 1955 and 2015 and that helped shape our lives and our community. We will try to post stories on important anniversary dates, but we also realize that dates are less critical than content and context. We will include the facts related to controversial stories, allowing our readers to form their own opinions. We invite you to read and comment on the stories. Your suggestions for topics are also welcome and can be posted on our Facebook page, You can also email stories or ideas to the 365 Story Editor at

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