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Civil War Days at The Troy Historic Village
Civil War Days at the Troy Historic Village is a full day American Civil War experience for local 8th grade classes.  Students learn about President Lincoln and the telegraph, military life for a soldier,  what the folks back home were doing, and more!

Students rotate through six presentations from authentically-costumed reenactors, and take part in period activities designed to reinforce classroom instruction about this pivotal moment in American History.

Students are also assigned a “Soldier Card”.  Drawn from real southeast Michigan Civil War soldiers, each card bears a soldiers name, rank, hometown, and date of enlistment.

Stations may include:
Union Soldier: Learn about the life of a Union soldier on campaign, Michigan’s role in the war, and America’s unsung heroine – Clara Barton.

Communication: President Lincoln discusses this handy new invention called the telegraph, and how he used it to win the war.  Armed with a cell phone, students race against an expert telegrapher to see who has the fastest fingers.

Dancing:  Students learn to and participate in Civil War-era dancing, accompanied by a fiddler and led by a top-notch “caller”.  This station also focuses on civilian life and why folks got together and danced.

Surgeon: The gritty details of the medicine and weaponry of the Civil War – and their consequent intersection – come alive.

Sojourner Truth: Abolitionist and former slave Sojourner Truth sings songs of inspiration as she shares her story of escape from slavery and her crusade for social equality.

Company Drill: Students learn how to drill, march and handle their rifle as a soldier, and how to move as a single unit in formation.

Gettysburg: Address and Soldier Cards: At the end of the day, students gather together for a reading of the Gettysburg Address.  Students also learn the fate of a soldier on their card.

*Programs are subject to change and availability.  

Important Teacher Information:
Programs are confined to the month of May and dates are very limited.  If you are interested in booking Civil War Days for your school, please contact us by August 31st.  Call (248) 524-3598 for information or to make your booking.

We can accommodate up to 260 students per day.  Minimum 175 students.  Cost is $16/student and parent chaperone. We can also come to you!  Troy Historic Village offers programs that travel to your school, including Civil War H2U.

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