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Posted Oct 28, 2016

From the Quill of Loraine Campbell


Muriel with Historical Society friends, left to right Walter and Mary Cornelius and Muriel and Fred Rounds.

Muriel with Historical Society friends, left to right Walter and Mary Cornelius and Muriel and Fred Rounds.


Each of us is a history maker…

The past ten days were a clear reminder that history continues to unfold through every day occurrences including celebrations of birth and bittersweet commemorations of death. On Monday staff member Diane shared photos of her brand new grandson, Benjamin. He is bright-eyed, with full cheeks and a shock of coal-black hair. This tiny person will join another generation of human beings who will create history. Their fingerprints will be found on new innovations and technologies. Perhaps Benjamin will excel in a laboratory or classroom, on the athletic field or even in congress.

Tomorrow I will attend a memorial service for Muriel Rounds, a wonderful member of the Troy Historical Society since the early 1980s. Muriel was raised on a family fruit farm in California, and following college worked as the Executive Director of a YWCA in Detroit. She was a loving wife and mom who shared her love of history and learning with thousands of children who’ve come to the Village on fieldtrips. She changed history by making others aware of its lessons.

It is easy to identify history makers whose stories are featured on CNN. But history is more than the headlines. There are stories, including Muriel’s and our own that affect individuals, communities, and society in subtle and dramatic ways. Each of us is a history maker.


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I have gone to the children’s chore field trip for 12 years now. I learn something new each time. The kids do too! Thanks for all you do!!!!!!!

Children’s Chores

This trip is always fantastic and fits so nicely into my first grade curriculum!

fits curriculum

My students enjoy this trip and we talk about it during the rest of our years as we study US history and early life in America.

Students Enjoy

We love coming to the Troy Historic Village!!! It is our favorite field trip by far. Thank you for always doing such a great job with the children!!

Love Coming